Friday, November 2, 2012

The J&B Team...Meet the Seamstresses!

L to R: Brenda, Diane, and Connie

J&B is one of the only bridal stores in the area to offer on-site alterations, and we absolutely love our seamstresses!  When you purchase your bridal, bridesmaid, or prom gown, it's so important to make sure that it is altered by a professional only.  We are so thankful for our three seamstresses who work tirelessly day in and day out making gowns fit perfectly!  These ladies together have over 100 years of experience in alterations!

Our seamstresses love working brides, bridal parties, and prom girls just as much as our consultants do.  They love meeting brides, hearing their stories, and watching their faces light up when they finally get to see the finished product on them!
Brenda has been with J&B for over 10 years, and you can be sure that when she meets with her brides and prom girls there will be laughing involved!  Brenda has such a great time with her customers, and they will tell you that they really appreciate Brenda's attentiveness.  She treats each of her brides as if they are a member of her own family.  When she is not at J&B she loves spending time with her 4 grown kids and her grandkids.

Diane has been with J&B for nearly 20 years! Her expertise is fantastic. Her brides love the fact that she is a perfectionist when it comes to alterations. Diane takes her work very seriously, and is determined to please her brides. She always has a positive outlook, no matter what obstacles she may be facing. When she is not at J&B, you can often find her spending time with her grandson...they just adore each other! :)

Connie has been with J&B for nearly 15 years!  She cares about every single detail involved in altering a bride's wedding gown, and she has been known to pull an all-nighter more than once just to make a gown perfect!  In fact, she is so dedicated that she has also worked on gowns while on vacation.  She adds such a special touch to her brides' alterations.  For Connie, it is about more than altering a bridal gown.  It is about helping a bride with the most important dress she will ever wear in her life!  When she is not at J&B, she loves enjoying nature, bird-watching, and spending time with her husband and family.

We are very thankful for each of these special ladies, and we appreciate their hours and hours of hard work.