Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The J&B Team...Meet Jim and Barb!

There is so much history behind J&B Bridals, and how it grew from a tiny, 2 person shop to the bridal industry leader that it is today.  The J&B story all began in 1978 with Jim and Barb Resh.  Growing up in Hagerstown, MD, Jim and Barb were married in 1976, then relocated to Chambersburg, PA in 1978 to begin their own business.  Jim and Barb began J&B Fashions in April of 1978 as a women's ready to wear shop, offering everything from Zena jeans and Bobbie Brooks clothing, to swimwear!  They developed a deep love for their customers, and enjoyed their ongoing relationships with those customers as they came back often to shop.  Many local ladies will tell stories about running down J&B once a week on their lunch breaks to go shopping!  At the time, Jim and Barb worked closely with a buying office in NYC, and from the advice of Ida Anselmo (their mentor from the buying office), they began to expand their business to include bridal.  As the business evolved, it became half ready-to-wear/half bridal, and then eventually moved its way into entirely bridal.

Jim and Barb happily reunited in 2009 with Ida Anselmo, their mentor from the Carl Day buying office
Two things that stand out about Jim and Barb is both their genuine love of people, and also their obvious passion for the bridal business.  Many past and present "J&B brides" say that one thing they love about J&B is that Jim and Barb are always present and easily accessible.  When you meet them, it is clear that they have poured their life and soul into the business, and they are passionate and excited about it!  Another thing that people notice right away is that Jim and Barb always go the "extra mile" to make their customers happy.   They have been known to do things such as travel an hour away to a wedding just to deliver a groomsman's pocket square that was left at the store.  There is nothing they won't do for one of their customers in need! 

Jim and Barb are also outstanding leaders, treating their team members with extreme generosity and fairness.  They truly consider each member of the team a "family member".  Jim and Barb have truly built a "family" business in every sense of the term.  They were thrilled to be joined in the business by their oldest daughter, Jackie, in 2000 and then by their youngest daughter, Jami in 2007.  Although they have seen the good and the bad that comes with owning a business, they have persevered through it all and truly love what they do.  At the end of the day, Jim and Barb are extremely humbled and grateful, and they thank God every day for the opportunity to be the owners of such a wonderful business.  Jim and Barb's love for God, love for people, and love for the bridal industry has propelled their business for the past 35 years.  Jim is often quoted as saying "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!"

When Jim and Barb are not at J&B, some of their favorite activities include: reading, traveling (especially to warm, tropical climates!), spending time with their 2 daughters, sons-in-law, and 2 granddaughters.  Jim and Barb are very family oriented and love nothing more than relaxing with their family.

Jim and Barb, thank you for all that you do!  Your team loves you!  :)

Jim and Barb with designer Madeline Gardner

Jim and Barb vacationing in Florida a few years ago with their daughters, sons-in-law, and granddaughters