Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The J&B Team...Meet Mary Jane!

Mary Jane is a dear member of the J&B Team!  She has been with J&B for over 10 years, however, she has been in the bridal industry for over 30 years!  Mary Jane began her career in her twenties, when she began working at a bridal shop and loved it.  From there, she built a career revolving around both the bridal industry and the dry cleaning business.  She is truly a wealth of information when it comes to anything bridal!

We are so fortunate to have Mary Jane as our "backroom receiver".  She is responsible for taking care of all incoming stock and special orders that come into J&B on a daily basis, which is quite a responsibility!  She begins her day with stacks and stacks of boxes that need opened and processed.  As new gowns and accessories arrive daily, she processes them as either new stock or special orders, and notifies customers when their items are in.  With her careful attention to detail and thorough nature, Mary Jane is wonderful at her job!  It is not uncommon to also find her working on the sales floor whenever extra help is needed!  In fact, she was a huge help during our Mothers Extravaganza earlier this month!  Working with mothers of the bride and groom are her specialty when working on the sales floor!

Everyone on the J&B team just loves Mary Jane!  Her sweet and thoughtful nature makes everyone want to be around her!  Her true care and concern for others is very evident within just a few moments of speaking with her.  Mary Jane says that her favorite thing about being a part of the J&B Team is that the girls that she works with keep her young!  :)  She says that she also enjoys being a part of a team that truly cares about their customers. 

One piece of advice that Mary Jane would give to brides when they are planning their wedding is, "Enjoy the journey, keep calm, and allow yourself enough time."

When she is not at J&B, you can find Mary Jane spending time with her husband.  She also loves reading, quilting, rug hooking, and spending time with her friends.

We love having Mary Jane on the J&B Team!

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